Summer Festival for senior citizens in Kópavogur

The Kópavogur Forestry Association and the municipality of Kópavogur host a summer festival in Guðmundarlundur for senior citizens on Tuesday, July 25, at 13:30-16:30.

1.Address by Bernhard Jóhannesson, chairman of the Kópavogur Forestry Association.
2.Accordion music and refreshments hosted by the forestry association and the Kópavogur municipality.
3.Address by the mayor of Kópavogur.
4.Formal opening of a new mini-golf course.

A bus will run to Guðmundarlundur: from Sunnuhlíð at 12:45, from Gjábakki at 13:00, from Gullsmári at 13:00 and from Boðinn at 13:25. There is also good parking at Guðmundarlundur, for those wishing to come in their own cars.


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