One of the main goals of the Icelandic Forestry Association (IFA), according to its charter, is to provide education on forestry and the value of forests for society in general, as knowledge is a key factor in successful forestry. To meet that goal the association, in collaboration with its member associations and other selected parties, organises a variety of educational events and publishes an assortment of educational and informative material.

From the founding of the IFA in 1930 the association has published Skógræktarritið (Journal of the Icelandic Forestry Association), which is the only journal focused on forestry in Iceland. The Journal has been the main forum for articles by Icelandic forestologists and forestry enthusiasts on forestry and related matters, both scientific articles and articles of a more general interest.

The IFA also publishes the newsletter Laufblaðið (The Leaf), containing news of the activities of the forestry associations and the main events in Icelandic forestry. The Leaf is now distributed electronically.

Frækornið (The Seed) is a small informational leaflet dealing with specific topics, for example individual tree species.

In addition to these regular publications the IFA has throughout the years published one-off or special publications, e.g. brochures related to specific projects or events (particularly anniversaries).